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    “The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well.”

    - Hippocrates


    Welcome to Awakening the Truth - Specializing in Personal Development & Spiritual Unfoldment.


    Often we get caught up in the day to day problems that life throws at us and we lose sight of our life goals and dreams. Sometimes, we may know what we want, but we don’t know how to get there - where to start, how to overcome the obstacles blocking our progress.


    In life, everything is connected. How we deal with the personal, the public, work, family, community - it is all connected. It is easy to feel out of control as parts of our lives often eclipse others. Awakening the Truth is about re-connecting to what is important and learning to maintain balance and joy.



    "Having life coaching by Julie has been one the best and fulfilling

    experiences in my life. I used to feel that my life had control of me but

    thanks to Julie's coaching skills, I now have tools that

    I use daily to take control of my life." - Margaret




    Awakening the Truth helps you to design the life you want to live and clarify your goals allowing you the freedom to pursue your dreams.


    We specialize in coaching for individuals and groups

    in the following areas:

    - Living with purpose and passion

    - Spiritual unfoldment

    - Personal growth

    - Life transitions

    - Self care and life balance

    - Interpersonal communications

    - Realistic goal setting

    - Results based planning

    - Accountability

    Services We Offer:


    - Transformational Life Coaching

    - Meditation

    - Yoga

    - Group Coaching

    - Team Building

    - Equine Assisted Experiential Learning

  • About


    “So many people experience the feeling that something is missing in their lives.

    But they need help identifying what that ‘something’ is, and how to achieve it.”

    Julie Carpenter is the Chief Facilitator of Awaken the Truth. She inspires others to recognize and take action on the growth opportunities awaiting them. Julie is a Certified Transformational Coach, personal empowerment trainer, yoga instructor, and group facilitator.


    Gifted in her ability to connect with people deeply Julie is a conduit for positive energy, inspiration, clarity, love and enthusiasm. Her goal is to help clients leverage their own inner strength to embrace and attain their significant life goals.

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    "Julie's compassion and ability to ask thoughtful and thought provoking,

    questions has made this experience both fun and very meaningful. "

    - Jennifer

    Julie created and has run her “Horsemanship From The Heart” business for over 25 years in Santa Cruz and Jackson, California. As part of this business she has emphasized the horse-human partnership that is developed through awareness and self empowerment. Also over the years Julie has worked with people in recovery, to facilitate their successful re-creation of happy productive lives. These interests naturally evolved into studies to help individuals blossom both personally and spiritually.


    Her down to earth personality helps to ground and inspire others to identify and achieve their goals. Julie is a natural leader and facilitator who applies strong interpersonal communication skills, initiative, and positive energy to drive results. She encourages questioning and learning to view things from different perspectives to uncover innovative solutions.


    Julie has developed a multi-faceted approach to helping people move toward personal fulfillment. Contact her to explore the skills she can share with you to assist you in identifying and achieving your life's purpose.

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  • Transformational Life Coaching

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    "Many people are not aware of

    patterns that keep them

    from achieving their goals in life."



    Awaken The Truth seeks to inspire exploration, spark enthusiasm and be a catalyst for creating positive change. Julie passionately encourages and helps each client discover what they are passionate about and manifest their dreams.


    Our desire is to inspire others to feel deeply and solidly connected to their true selves. Then each of us can live their fullest lives from that place of being.



    As individuals undertake a discovery process with Julie, life changing "Ah-ha" moments awaken recognition of personal patterns that hold them back. This is the beginning of the Awakening process. Then one can begin to learn skills to break old paterns and build new ones.


    Through coaching, Julie helps you introduce new skills to change these patterns in order to transform ways of thinking and behaving. Creating successful new patterns fosters lasting changes.


    Awakening the Truth clients leave each call supported with a plan of action and the tools to accomplish the tasks identified.... and perhaps just a little visual of Julie's positive voice sitting on their shoulder offering guidance and encouragement.


    Group and Individual Sessions Available.
    Most Transformational Life Coaching takes place over the phone or in person, in Santa Cruz, via a weekly 50-minute session where Julie asks process-based questions, discusses issues, teaches new skills to handle situations, and encourages and supports your continued progress.


    Each call builds on the last. Breakthroughs often happen in the 2nd to 4th weeks. Then the process really takes off.


    Most clients accomplish more than expected in 12 sessions. Someone wanting to 'taste' the process should plan on at least 4 sessions.



  • Yoga & Meditation

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    "Achieving balance is one of the most elusive states in most people's lives.

    But it is the most important one."


    Physical and mental balance is integral to every person's success in life. Yoga and Meditation are two easy ways to improve personal well-being and enjoyment. Julie has been practicing yoga for seven years. She has been a certified yoga instructor for 2 1/2 years in order to help her clients learn the skills to strengthen and stretch both the body and mind.


    In June of 2012, Julie completed the Wisdom Flow Yoga Teacher Training on Maui, Hawaii, with Jennifer Lynn. She incorporates this alignment and healing flow in the training she does with her clients.


    Julie Carpenter has developed a multi-faceted approach to helping people move toward personal fulfillment. Be it Practical, Spiritual or Physical, each aspect of our lives affects the other. Balance is the goal.

    Find balance through breathing and alignment. Julie offers Yoga classes focused on alignment and healing as well as private sessions tailored to each clients needs. The maximum class size is limited to fifteen people to provide clients with a more intimate and personal setting. Everyone is invited to participate in the Goddess Flow Yoga classes in Ben Lomand, CA.


    Goddess Flow Yoga (click here for flyer)

    Wednesdays 9:00am - 10:15am and 6:00pm - 7:15pm

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  • Equine Assisted Growth

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    "We invite true happiness and joy into our lives when

    we become clear about what we want."

    Horses don't lie. They live in the present, and are extremely good interpretors of human emotions. Through a series of guided tasks and activities, horses mirror their human partners and aide them in surmounting personal challenges.


    Julie has created a multi-day program to help people identify and process life issues. This outdoor program brings people together with the most honest of animals to reflect each participant's state of mind.


    Contact Julie for more information on classes.

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