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"Achieving balance is one of the most elusive states in most people's lives.

But it is the most important one."

Yoga & Meditation

Physical and mental balance is integral to every person's success in life. Yoga and Meditation are two easy ways to improve personal well-being and enjoyment. Julie has been practicing yoga for seven years. She has been a certified yoga instructor for 2 1/2 years in order to help her clients learn the skills to strengthen and stretch both the body and mind.


In June of 2012, Julie completed the Wisdom Flow Yoga Teacher Training on Maui, Hawaii, with Jennifer Lynn. She incorporates this alignment and healing flow in the training she does with her clients.


Julie Carpenter has developed a multi-faceted approach to helping people move toward personal fulfillment. Be it Practical, Spiritual or Physical, each aspect of our lives affects the other. Balance is the goal.

Find balance through breathing and alignment. Julie offers Yoga classes focused on alignment and healing as well as private sessions tailored to each clients needs. The maximum class size is limited to fifteen people to provide clients with a more intimate and personal setting. Everyone is invited to participate in the Goddess Flow Yoga classes in Ben Lomand, CA.


Goddess Flow Yoga (click here for flyer) Wednesdays 9:00am - 10:15am and 6:00pm - 7:15pm


Goddess Flow Yoga 12 Step Workshop (click here for flyer) November 1 - Februrary 7  Sundays 6:00pm -8:00pm

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