Awaken the Truth

"Many people are not aware of patterns that keep them from achieving their goals in life."

Transformational Life Coaching


Awaken The Truth seeks to inspire exploration, spark enthusiasm and be a catalyst for creating positive change.  Julie passionately encourages and helps each client discover what they are passionate about and manifest their dreams.


Our desire is to inspire others to feel deeply and solidly connected to their true selves.  Then each of us can live their fullest lives from that place of being.




As individuals undertake a discovery process with Julie, life changing "Ah-ha" moments awaken recognition of personal patterns that hold them back. This is the beginning of the Awakening process. Then one can begin to learn skills to break old paterns and build new ones.


Through coaching, Julie helps you introduce new skills to change these patterns in order to transform ways of thinking and behaving.  Creating successful new patterns fosters lasting changes.


Awakening the Truth clients leave each call supported with a plan of action and the tools to accomplish the tasks identified.... and perhaps just a little visual of Julie's positive voice sitting on their shoulder offering guidance and encouragement.


Group and Individual Sessions Available.

Most Transformational Life Coaching takes place over the phone or in person, in Santa Cruz, via a weekly 50-minute session where Julie asks process-based questions, discusses issues, teaches new skills to handle situations, and encourages and supports your continued progress.


Each call builds on the last. Breakthroughs often happen in the 2nd to 4th weeks. Then the process really takes off.


Most clients accomplish more than expected in 12 sessions. Someone wanting to 'taste' the process should plan on at least 4 sessions.

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