Awaken the Truth

“So many people experience the feeling that something is missing in their lives.

But they need help identifying what  that ‘something’ is, and how to achieve it.”

Julie is the Chief Facilitator of Awaken the Truth. She inspires others to recognize and take action on the growth opportunities awaiting them. Julie is a Certified Transformational Coach, personal empowerment trainer, yoga instructor, and group facilitator.


Gifted in her ability to connect with people deeply Julie is a conduit for positive energy, inspiration, clarity, love and enthusiasm. Her goal is to help clients leverage their own inner strength to embrace and attain their significant life goals.



"Julie's compassion and ability to ask thoughtful and thought provoking, questions has made this experience both fun

and very meaningful. "

                                            - Jennifer

Julie created and ran her own “Horsemanship From The Heart” business for over 25 years in Santa Cruz and Jackson, California. As part of this business she has emphasized the horse-human partnership that is developed through awareness and self empowerment. Also over the years Julie has worked with people in recovery, to facilitate their successful re-creation of happy productive lives. These interests naturally evolved into studies to help individuals blossom both personally and spiritually.


Her down to earth personality helps to ground and inspire others to identify and achieve their goals. Julie is a natural leader and facilitator who applies strong interpersonal communication skills, initiative, and positive energy to drive results. She encourages questioning and learning to view things from different perspectives to uncover innovative solutions.


Julie Carpenter has developed a multi-faceted approach to helping people move toward personal fulfillment. Contact her to explore the skills she can share with you to assist you in identifying and achieving your life's purpose.


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